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QA Services

In user experience, Quality Assurace is the most important process. GameGami works for all platforms of video game productions to test the game’s final version before it’s relased; process is known as beta game testing.

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Service Overview

The most important thing for a game is to be able to run without any bugs and glitches. A game with those issues can lead bigger problems which can event effect the name of the brand. This is why Quality Assurance Service is a must for every gaming company. GameGami provides an elaborate Quality Assurance Service before and during CBT, before OBT and during the operation.

Quality Assurance Services

Translation QA

Language lives and develops in the community. Yet there is the human factor, the mistakes by all means are inevitable. Corrections, fixations and rephrasing the language concept can not be done like forged in the same mold. Instead, our QA team handles the translated document in a global scale and forms it in a native perspective.

Cross-Platform Test

Multiplatforms are so popular nowadays. But it needs more testing parameters to be organized and flow. We run our tests on all the platforms to lower the risks that gamers would face..

Compatibility Test

Games working on different devices and platforms require hardware compatibility controls. In order to ensure no gap left behind regarding any loss in functionality, we track the compatibility test results you will know for sure how your game is performing. Even only a few players might use out-dated systems, so we do imitate to know how as well..

Physical and UI Controls Test

A gamer may get bored and skip playing the game, we DON'T, they might not click every section, we sure DO! If a function requires to gain progress, we DO reach that level to use it! Nothing particularly can escape from our vision when we are running our tests for good.

Bug & Fixes

Bugs, oh! these bugs! GameGami focuses on bugs and fixes with a motto of "from gamers, to gamers". It's a common phrase when you think of but has the correct meaning of how our team focuses to find and seek the ways of fixes to avoid unwanted actions.



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