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Marketing Services

We can help you develop a strong marketing strategy to improve purchase and loyalty of gamers. It’s a part of our marketing consultants’ job to understand and embrace the gamers needs and interests.

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Service Overview

It’s important to affect gamers’ way of thinking and feeling about the game; that’s what makes a game developable and permanent. Strong marketing strategies are what makes a game easy to find and attract gamers; GameGami is also reliable on this section; we can assure you that GameGami would put you above the rivals.

Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Google Adwords, SEO, CPM, CPV, Facebook Campaigns, Youtube, Twitter, influencers, or any campaigns you may name. GameGami's mission is not to bore you with technical terms that we work but make you enjoy the results with how these terms are sort of instruments in a band for you to enjoy the rtyhm of the good results of how the product will rise.

Social Media

Your online game is going to be as alive as the community playing and following it. Because of this it becomes crucial to get in touch with them efficiently with the social media channels such as community forums, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube. By analyzing the effects of daily, weekly and monthly interactions based on different social media channels we develop a stronger social media strategy, and tailor it to serve the purpose the best. With GameGami social media service we provide an efficient interaction with the community and solid analyze reports to make it better and better.

Product Check

Depending on the market needs and the attributes of your product we as GameGami focus on to adapt it to the target. With all the preparation steps, we make sure your product is ready to show up in the market. The tests are held specificially to the product. Therefore we are able to determine the advantages and disadvantages before the launch to the gaming realms.

Market Analysis

Analysis, development, classification of the target customers, comparison of the competitors, life cycle controls are crucial to reduce the risks efficiently. After having deep understanding what will be the role of your product in the market the success will come directly. Being aware of the similar products and their functions, norms and the opportunities they offer is important.

Cost Check

Product tests and market analysis are in the pocket! Now we need to determine the budget. With the reports directly tailored for your product, the costs of the market entry will be visible clearly. Sensational & high-budget campaings do not lead your product to the top of the charts but creates the very circumstances of a dieying star. Our goal is to have a solid funding plan for your product to shine up in the sky with a strong visibility and keep its place to rise more.

Trend Analysis

Weekly/monthly trends, responding the targets' needs, announcing your product with efficient digital channels, determining the future developments and expectations of the market, predicting the crucial and changing factors on your product's behalf are what GameGami prepares for your benefit. In order to be a few more steps ahead to see what's coming on our way helps us understand how competitors and your product stay in position with development features.



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