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Operational Services

As GameGami, we keep our operational support alive as long as the game is online. We know the importance of the action of the operation team depending the situations we’re facing. You can keep relying on GameGami on operational services as well.

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Service Overview

You can divide operation team in 3 important departments; management, monitoring and moderation. GameGami takes all the management responsibilities for our client’s IT fundamentals and all the game activities. Our services provide administrative issues, support and operation, technical troubleshooting and diagnostics, system repair and configuration management, producing and preparing of management reports.

Operational Services

Management & Monitoring

GameGami provides a non-stop support with a passionate team of gamers whom are also experienced in game management, event proposals, game insight reports, analysis and operational workflow.

GameGami gives a non-stop communication between Turkish & MENA players and game developers-publishers with its proffessional team. Besides, working with an experienced team of gamers who can take all the responsibility for your company will save you from opening an entity and a local office.

Game Moderation

Experienced GMs are ready to achieve your goals for game launches and continuous operations, in-game and social media events,getting involved with the community in disguise, prepare every possible and necessary reports, 1:1 inquiry responses to satisfy the customers are some of the basic duties.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important faces of a brand identity and it directly effects the reputation of your game both in a positive or negative way. Thus, you need to be sure that the customer support of your company is working fast and solution-focused. Gamegami CS service will help your game build a good reputation in Turkey & Mena countries with exquisite support.

Local Payment

Payment methods vary way too much depending on the target region by means demographic and financial parameters.

Our goal is to determine the payment methods and gateways to be used and we will manage the integration progress and monitor during the operation

Event Organisation

GameGami is in this industry for a long time. Our internet cafe network covers over 3000 internet cafes in the region and it keeps growing. We organise different types of events and competitions in Turkey to create a strong bond between your game and your community.



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