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Localization Services

It is very required to have good command on cultural features. Despite the modernized world that we live in, all countries continue to protect the traditional culture that they have. Contents that varied by region are make players feel like they are inside the game world and increase their loyalty to games. While we are processing the translation of your game, we are putting an effort to adapt it to the local culture.

We can make you assure of with the choices we combine succesfully depending the main elements of the game; in game map, character or in game items or which voice actor should you be working with or how they can change the power of the game against the players. As GameGami, we bring culturalized contents together and attach importance to cultural aspects of the region.

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Service Overview

Despite the fact that localization is seen as “translation” mostly, we consider it in all seriousness. With the culturalization service assured by GameGami, your game is going to have impeccant translation.

The image behind local content is not considered as translation, character or in game map. From time to time, you have to change audio contents in a single trailer and it changes the whole content that game holds. Famous voice actors you work with can change the whole game action.

Players find acquaintant things from game when familiar voiceovers meet the content even though it’s not traditional. Also, from present to future with the strongest imagination, different worlds can be created for gamers.

Culturalization is a significant matter for the game when you combine the supplies together. You can translate a game into different languages but you have to have full knowledge for the gamers; you have to know the common language and the popular culture they are in, to increase gamers’ loyalty & awareness to the game. Your game will be localized with the cultural music and content you already have by GameGami.

Localization Services

Game Translation

Translation is quite one of the important first steps when publishing a game. Players mostly prefer to use their mother tongue to play games and want to progress enough with their native vocabulary. Context of joyful and easy to understand language support is very important to be successful in the market. And that’s what we do as GameGami. We offer you a service beyond translation more like a culturalization.

Word-to-word translations are quite boring for gamers because those will look like a high school teacher who threatens them with bad marks. However, our aim is to realize the value of the story telling side of the product and make the users evaluate and enjoy what they read while they get involved with the game.

It is no doubt that gamers would understand the gamers mostly. Our devoted team feels the enthusiasm to build the story from scratch with native motives and preserve the original with a good structural manner by digging deep of the sources.

Image, Audio & Video Translation

We work on and localize all the multimedia contents in your game with the power of our visual, audio and translation services. We translate the texts with their early produced visual effects in images and in videos. In order to convert your product to a 100% local one, we apply local music and voiceovers.

Local Elements Implementation

It is a fact that local contents keep gamers loyal to the game, GameGami accomplishes this by the original content with implemented local elements. Gamers love games with these elements from their own environment, culture and history so they can relate themselves to the game. In Turkey and MENA market we trigger this passion.


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